I loved shooting this Maasai tribal themed shoot! I had a wonderful time in Kenya. I was so excited to get home and photograph beautiful Smay in some of the jewelry I was bringing back! The women in Maasailand were so kind and giving, many of these items were gifts. However, many of them are also for sale! During my time teaching and volunteering at Nkoile Primary School in Kajiado, Kenya, my partner and I discovered a nonprofit that was created by a woman who visited the school in 2011; Sylvia’s Students Foundation. Christine, the founder, had been in contact with the headteacher to have some of the women in the community make jewelry to be sold by the nonprofit. All of the proceeds will go to buying textbooks for the students and repairing a rainwater tank (which desperately needs to happen before the rain season in November). If you’re interested in purchasing some of the jewelry, leave a comment!

  SmayBlog4 SmayBlog3 SmayBlog1 SmayBlog SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-23-47 SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-24-33SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-18-37 SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-17-35SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-16-30 SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-13-25 SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-12-23 SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-11-21 SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-10-19 SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-9-16 SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-7-13 SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-5-9 SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-2-3SmayBlog-2SmayBlog-1SmayBlog-3SkyeHighPhotography_MaasaiShoot-19-39


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