Meet Megan


Hmm… Where do I begin?! I am a driven, adventurous and reliable young adult simply indulging in my passion for photography. I fell in love with the creative freedom that my first professional camera gave me at age 16. I began practicing on friends and family, spending my nights (which often turned into mornings) reading, learning, and experimenting. I am self-taught, continually learning, and not afraid to keep pushing myself. I love collaborating and building relationships with each client in order to deliver a product that is perfect for them. Making you happy by being innovative, efficient, and saving you money is my ultimate goal!


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I hope to be able to use my photography to do good in the world. I have always had a passion for two things: photography and serving others. Thanks to academic scholarships and a high demand for my photography, my work schedule during college has been minimal and I’ve been able to dedicate that time to serving my community. In addition, through photography I have been able to help tell the story of local teenage refugees, document volunteer work in Peru and Kenya, as well as FUND even more humanitarian ventures. I am a photographer because I love beauty, I love building relationships, and I love creating and documenting memories for my clients. But I am also a photographer because I want to share the splendor, the struggles, the laughter, and the human experience that I have witnessed in my own life and in others. By doing this, I hope to spread compassion and ignite a sense of curiosity in everyone who encounters my work.